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Only 5 years after its creation, ManoMano is now the leader in online sales in the DIY & Gardening sector in France. Present in 6 countries: France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom and Germany, ManoMano aims to become the European leader in this sector.

Today ManoMano is:

  • + 2 million products and + 1000 brands in the catalogue;
  • + 2 million customers;
  • a community of expert advisors available by chat;
  • a customer service based in France.

About ManoMano

ManoMano is part of the Colibri company whose main activity is the publishing, promotion and operation of an electronic platform for distance selling of products and services dedicated to DIY, decoration, gardening and other similar or related products and services. reviews and testimonial : overall and description

Five years after its launch and a €60 million fundraising campaign in September 2017, ManoMano is now the European leader in DIY and gardening distribution on the Internet, present in 6 countries (France, Belgium, Spain, Italy, UK and Germany) and joins the top 30 French e-commerce sites in terms of audience.

With more than 2 million customers and more than 1000 brands in its catalogue, ManoMano is the leading platform in Europe that reinvents the way we DO business, supported by collaborative and flourishing communities.

different category of products for decoration, garden and outdoor tools

With the objective of being as close as possible to the DIY and gardening communities, ManoMano is setting up many high value-added projects:

  • The Caisse at Out’s: the Facebook group for mutual aid and project sharing;
  • Manodvisor: the community of expert advisors available by chat;
  • The Amazing Making-of: supports the ManoMano community and their wildest DIY projects;
  • the platform that connects the DIY community with individuals for small, one-off projects.

ManoMano’s ambition is clear: to enable everyone to build a world in their own way, without doubt and without constraint.

Manomano as a whole: to federate a community of DIYers

If you are rather skilled with your hands ManoMano offers you to become a “Manoadvisor”, you give your advice to Internet users who ask for it, this job can be an additional income all you will need is a few hours in the week depending on your availability and an internet connection.

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The company has notably launched an application of DIY missions between individuals “SuperMano” the services are almost 2 to 3 times cheaper than with a professional craftsman and these missions allow an additional income, some manage to earn a small amount thanks to them which is not negligible.

ManoMano after-sales service

Since ManoMano is an intermediary between the user and the seller, it does not strictly speaking have after-sales service.

However, it is possible to send a request via the ManoMano website. To do this, simply log in to the customer area and access the “product question” section, the user can then choose the object “I would like information about the guarantee” and write his request. As an option, the user can attach photos supporting his request. Once the request has been processed, the merchant will provide a response within 48 business hours.

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In the event that the 48-hour deadline is not respected, the customer can declare a dispute to the ManoMano site, either by chat, by email via the customer area or by completing their online form.

ManoMano is a recent site for the sale of DIY and gardening items. We will analyse this essential site for all DIY and gardening enthusiasts. We call it the Amazon of DIY, but is this site up to the standards of giants like Amazon? The question is legitimate since we see many advertisements on television, but the service and products must follow.

Service description – What is ManoMano?

ManoMano is a French online retail company specialising in DIY, gardening and decoration items. It was created in 2015 by two co-workers. This company has no stock, it is only the intermediary between the merchant and the customer, it takes care of the negotiation with the merchants in order to offer you the best products at the best prices. Among the choice of products, offers, advantages as a Manomano customer, are the services up to the expectations of consumers who are looking for information before making a purchase on

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Before you buy: quality products at the best price

Before buying a product, we want to know which one to choose and especially if it is worth it. The ManoMano site has a Facebook page called “La Caisse à Out’s” where you can receive advice on which products to choose according to your needs. The site also provides a Frequently Asked Questions section to answer your questions. If however doubts remain, the assistance can guide you and help you in the choice of your item.

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The site offers many articles arranged by sections. “Pool garden” “Tools” “Kitchen” “Bathroom and WC” “Plumbing, sanitary, heating” “Electricity” “Lighting” “Floor and wall covering” “Hardware” “Construction materials” “Animal shop” You can consult the description of the product and brand chosen and the opinions of the consumers who bought it. You have the choice between putting the item in your shopping cart or putting it in your favorites list. By going down below in the page similar articles or that other users have also looked at or bought are proposed to you.

At the time of purchase/order

Before you can make your purchase you must create a customer account, the information requested is basic and remains identical to that of other online sales sites (Identity, address,…). You fill your basket with the items you need and then validate your order, once this is done you must choose the shipping and payment methods. Delivery is made anywhere in France and to the place of your choice (home, relay point), different payment methods are available in addition to being secure.

You also have the possibility to track the delivery of your order. You have a right of withdrawal of 14 days, but you must return the product in very good condition so that it can be put back on sale otherwise you will not be fully refunded, a customer service is at your disposal from Monday to Friday from 9am to 5:30pm.

After the purchase: top customer service or progress to be made?

You have just bought what you need, you are satisfied however you are not a handyman or you do not have a very green hand no panic ManoMano does not let you down. Thanks to its blog, its Youtube channel, and its various social networks, customers can benefit from help. Indeed, on these different media, tips, advice and inspiration are presented in order to best support the customer and ensure that he is satisfied to the end.

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Reviews and testimonial about Manomano

As with all online sales sites there are good and bad comments. But the majority of ManoMano’s are positive. These opinions can be found on the ManoMano website itself, there are some for the products and for the service in general.

reviews and testimonial of customers after buying on manomano

Customers are delighted and say that delivery times are well met, they are also generally very satisfied with the products. On their different networks there are also very positive comments, but also negative comments if some have no delivery problems, others complain about inefficient customer service and missed delivery times. All this is explained by the fact that many merchants work with them and as soon as there is a delivery problem ManoMano can do nothing, you have to contact the suppliers directly.

ManoMano received a score of 8.6/10 by Trustpilot despite the small reservations expressed by customers. France 2 made a report on ManoMano broadcast in May 2017, he explains what the site consists of, who created it how it evolved but he also asked if the products on the site are really cheaper than in stores. It turned out that out of 10 items 5 were cheaper than in store so it is a competitor of the DIY giants in terms of prices. For some companies and individuals, the “SuperMano” application launched by ManoMano is unfair competition and they suggest above all that DIYers are being ripped off. In particular, they believe that some work should only be done by professionals such as replacing a hot water tank or laying a parquet floor. Our view on the subject is that society is changing and many consumers are looking for solutions and new services to meet their needs. Despite the reluctance of some companies towards it, ManoMano attracts investors who are charmed by this young start-up which in a few years has managed to reach a turnover of nearly 100 million euros.

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